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Clean-Up!l is driven to deliver quality – from the way we operate, to the Customer Service standards we have established for the work we deliver. To help us meet our obligations, we utilize the latest processes and tools available to the janitorial industry.


Dedicated Quality Control Supervisor

Clean-Up! has dedicated Quality Control Supervisors that perform  in depth weekly inspections on all the buildings we clean. Our Quality Control Supervisors work with you to perform on-going quality assessments of the cleaning operations to identify performance gaps and recommend corrective actions. This helps us continuously improve the cleanliness of your facilities.

Quality Control Supervisors produce inspection reports using the latest software and hand held technology to capture inspection results on-site, in real time. As a Customer, you have access to these resulting inspection.

Multi-level Inspections

At Clean-Up! Enviromental Janitorial Services we have developed a multi-level system of inspections that works to ensure a quality cleaning job is being performed.
Here's how it works:

Inspection at the cleaning crew level. Each cleaning crew is managed by a Team Leader trained to inspect their area of work after they have completed it based on the Cleaning Specs available at each site.

Quality Control Supervisor. Clean-Up! Quality Control Supervisor will visit your facility and perform in depth weekly inspections to ensure the Contract Standards are met.

Operations Manager. Clean-Up! Operations Manager will also perform random daily inspections in each area to ensure that the work meets the standards established in the Cleaning Specs followed by next business day visits to  guarantee Customers full satisfaction..

Clean-Up! Owners. Clean-Up! owners will also visit monthly to survey the quality consistency.

Our multi-level system of inspections works to ensure the job is performed to your satisfaction and that you are constantly kept advised as to how the work is progressing.

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