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Green Cleaning

As more and more of our Clients have adopted new environmental priorities, Clean-Up! Has been working with them closely to develop a greener, more environmentally-preferable approach to cleaning. The objectives of our green cleaning approach are to:

  • Promote a high quality healthy indoor environment.
  • Provide environmentally responsible and effective cleaning management practices
  • Minimize the exposure of the building occupants and cleaning services personnel to potentially hazardous chemicals
  • Minimize any adverse impact caused by the provision of our services to building air quality, building finishes and systems and the environment; and
  • Balance all these objectives with the cost and quality of the cleaning services we offer.


How do we do it?

Adopting greener approach to cleaning means:

  • Utilizing Green Cleaning Chemicals Products
  • Purchasing and maintaining Green Cleaning Equipment
  • Developing Green Cleaning Practices

Green Cleaning Chemicals

We work in together with our Suppliers to introduce Green Seal certified and other environmentally-preferable products into facilities we clean. While these products might not be always suitable for all cleaning tasks, we constantly seek out greener product alternatives and use them whenever possible. Some of these products include:

  • Environmentally responsible neutral disinfectants
  • Glass cleaners and degreasers with ingredients that are derived from only natural renewable resources
  • Non-fuming toilet bowl cleaners that use a mild blend of citric and phosphoric acids instead of hydrochloric acid
  • Bath tissue and other paper products made from 100% recycled wastepaper
  • Biodegradable garbage bags.

Green Cleaning Equipment

Our equipment meets Green Seal regulations (North America). As an example:

  • Microfibre cloths and mops that trap and hold dust and remove bacteria from hard surfaces without using chemicals
  • Hepa vacuums that trap airborne particulates and prevent them from going back into the air.

Developing Green Cleaning Practices

We want our cleaning practices to enhance Customers environment and limit the impact of how we work. This means doing everything we can to limit the exposure of building  occupants to potentially hazardous chemicals, and air borne particulates. We have adopted a number of cleaning practices to do this. These include:

  • Ensuring Staff are kept up to date through training
  • Reducing the number of cleaning products we use
  • Color coding of equipment to reduce the chance of cross contamination
  • Using green products wherever possible and limit the use of non-green products
  • Using regulated dispensing systems
  • Safe- storing all the chemicals.


We also are continuously seeking out and evaluating new and innovative Industry Best Practices (IBP’s) and adopt those which will:

  • Enhance our service levels and Customers environment
  • Allow us to maintain and improve our standards for cleaning and disinfection, and reduce risks and impacts.

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