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Ontario Pride Eggs. Kitchener
June 6, 2018
We are happy with the services performed. I am very happy with the net result. I look forward to continuing to build a strong partnership with you and your team.

S.W. - Plant Manager
Edith MacIntosh Children Centre. Kitchener
June 6, 2018
The floors look great!! Thank you

P.D. - Supervisor
Magnussen Home Furnishings. New Hamburg
June 4, 2018
Thank you the floors look great!

N.C. - Office Manager
Edith MacIntosh Children's Centre. Kitchener
March 22, 2018
Thank you so much for finding this (lost) earring! It is very much appreciated by us as well by the family!

R.W. - Assistant Supervisor
Ontario Pride Eggs (NutriGroupe). Kitchener
March 9, 2018
Appreciate the feedback and communication, you guys are doing a stellar job.

S.W. - Plant Manager
Ontario Pride Eggs (NutriGroupe). Kitchener
February 16, 2018
We're very happy with the work done in the vestibule last night, excellent job. Please relay to the team what a great job they have done to date, I’m delighted with the overall service. Keep it up!!

S.W. - Plant Manager
Waterloo Region Museum. Kitchener
February 16, 2018
Your Day Porter (Gabby) has been great at removing the plastic salt bags & washer fluid jugs, by sorting daily through the Green Bins (Organic Waste) as required.

K.S. - Guests Services Supervisor
Edith MacIntosh Children Centre. Kitchener
February 14, 2018
The floors look great and the timing was perfect ... the Ministry arrived today for our annual licensing review.

P.D. - Supervisor
Ontario Pride Eggs (NutriGroupe). Kitchener
February 7, 2018
My Office smelled nice & fresh, top of Cabinet has been dusted for first time in months. Men’s Bathroom smelled nice and fresh.
My desk is shining this morning, not streaky like usual. My in/out mailbox was dusted. My boot tray was cleaned for first time ever, looks like it was vacuumed and mopped. Pleased with the level of cleaning. Floors and mats were well tended to.

Overall, very pleased with the service.
Great job so far!

S.W. - Plant Manager
PaperWorks Packaging Group. Kitchener
February 5, 2018
Thank you so much for the floor cleaning in this office. The girls in that office were very happy this morning and said the floor is the best it has ever looked.

Thanks again

A.DP. - Stores Administrator
Kissner Milling Company Limited. Cambridge
June 27, 2016
On behalf of the Kissner staff and management I want to wish you great success in the future and to thank you for the services you provided to Kissner, and most importantly to the terrific response and personal support both of you provided during the period when you provided services to Kissner.
Clean-Up! had provided Kissner with terrific services and if you wish to use Kissner and myself as a reference you are more than welcome to do so.
Thanking you again, and good luck for the future.

B.DF. - Sr. Operations Manager
Magnussen Home Furnishings Ltd. New Hamburg
March 14, 2016
Thank you! The fridge looks great.

N.C. - HR Generalist/Office Manager
Edit MacIntosh Children's Center. Kitchener
March 7, 2016
The floors look great! Thank you

P.D. - Supervisor
Gemini Motors Subaru. Kitchener
March 7, 2016
Thank you for dealing with the client’s needs on our behalf.

L.M. - Chief Executive Officer
Kitchener Housing Inc. Kitchener
December 7, 2015
Good morning
You have a favorable feedback from the staff about the office cleanliness.

J.G.A. - Manager of Facilities
Kinsmen Children's Center. Cambridge
December 7, 2015
The floors look amazing
Please apologize to your floor technicians for me – I forgot to tell our late people about the flooring so rooms were not as organized as usual.

S.K. - Superviser
Grimsby Custom Tooling Ltd. Cambridge
October 11, 2015
WOW what a difference!! Your work last night has certainly made an incredible difference. This is greatly appreciated for our meeting today and also that our President is coming in today, too. Clean-Up! are organized, efficient and extremely competent ….. they have maintained an excellent rapport to GCT as to meet all our needs by providing a variety of different cleaning and sanitary capacities. They have been more than willing to adjust to our working hours, as our shifts can change due to rush shipments and overtime personnel
being on site ….. Thanks again for your great work.

F.B. & K.B. - Managers
Police Division 3A. Elmira
October 10, 2015
Would you please pass on a big thank you, to your people, for
keeping us comfortable and tidy.

S.P. - Sergeant
Waterloo Regional International Airport. Breslau
October 8, 2015
I am an employee at the regional airport for the cafe, i just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude towards the awesome job that our cleaners Julio (hulio not sure of spelling?) and his wife Kate have been doing. Both individuals bring a lot of attention to detail to the airport treating it with the pride they would their own home and i feel this is highly commendable. They don't miss a beat when it comes to keeping the airport looking and smelling in tip top shape. The cafe floors and garbages are always changed and cleaned immediately following a flight, the bathrooms look and smell clean and are always stocked well for guests, along with all of their other daily task i find them taking time for the details like cobwebbing lights, straightening and wiping boarding lounge chairs, helping guests with directions to assistance for check in and parking and this is always done with bright smiles and professionalism. As a couple they bring a very team approach to the table which is also commendable, they work well together and are professional in their work place always showing each other respect as well.
I felt it was necessary to bring this to your attention so they know just how much we appreciate them at the airport!
Please pass along my gratitude.

J.T. - Aviator Cafe
Waterloo Regional International Airport. Breslau
June 15, 2015
I want to put a compliment in for on of your staff who has been not only showing amazing personality to everyone in the terminal but doing a great job.
She took on the initiative to do a job nobody has seen in the time they have been here.
She cleaned all the cobwebs off the intercom speaker over the lobby cafe and cleaned off the dust from my counters that fell down from it.
Thank you for all your dedication to the small details.

J.T - Aviator Cafe
Motek Americas. Kitchener
June 7, 2015
Office looks great, fridge looks really good inside, exactly how I want it. Please thank your Service Provider for doing such a good job.

Your service has been top notch.

C.P. - General Manager
Boehmer Box LLP. Kitchener
February 2, 2015
The crew that works our offices is conscientious and
respectful. Keep up the good work.

B.D. - Digital Pre-Press Operator
The Centre (division of Linamar Corporation). Guelph
January 4, 2015
I would like to say that in the morning we have already noticed a BIG DIFFERENCE versus previous cleaners. My hat is off to you guys.

And just to let you know EVERYTHING is great! By the way, this morning our office looks and smells much better then the last week. Thanks, we are more then pleased with your services, best regards.

Just a BIG thank you for a job well done (Grand Opening). Good job” “You do much better than I actually requested. Thank you again for your commitment to our waste separation program.

The annual external environmental compliance audit was
completely successful. I have special thanks to you and your team for continuous support you provided to me.

A.W. - Buyer and I.T. - Quality Coordinator
Hussmann Canada Inc. Cambridge
December 14, 2014
I have noticed the floors in the kitchen by the new coffee machine immediately and that cleaning has definitely improved. I’ve heard some good comments from others as well with respect to general cleanliness of offices & also keyboards being cleaned. Well done!

J.W. - HR Manager
Linamar Corporation. Guelph
November 21, 2014
Clean-Up! is been with Linamar for a while now and shows professionalism on every aspect of the janitorial duty; I will recommend them with no hesitation for any small or big job well done.

A.W. - Buyer
Regional Municipality of Waterloo
October 4, 2014
Inspection performed at Elmira Library, this facility looks very good. Thank you very much for being willing and able to fit your cleaning and refurbishing to our schedule. The Library is sure to be looking its best on June 3 (Grand Opening) with all the care that it has received. Thanks, you guys are doing a great job!

You are really cleaning that too?! The previous company never used to clean in here …. you are extremely efficient. Thanks a lot.

Your Special Projects crew did a wonderful job of cleaning up the glass residue last weekend, after window was broken. Thank you.

Wow, very detailed report. I will pass on this information to Water Services. Thank you very much … it is beautiful. I am very pleased with the service your staff provides and the ease of contacting you, in the event of a concern.

Just wanted to pass along the complements on the cleaners and the cleaning. Everyone is impressed with how friendly and efficient your staff are. Good work!

We are very pleased with the team of cleaners at the Elmira Library.
They are moving the area rugs and cleaning out the cobwebs. They are very friendly, thorough, and easy to work with.

They are meticulous in their cleaning, getting into corners and under rugs to clean things before we are even aware of them. They are always friendly, asking if we are happy with their level of work.
Pointing out the items we need to be aware of, such as light fixtures that are out or problems with the washrooms.

S.M., L.E. & M.K. - Managers
Kissner. Cambridge
October 4, 2014
The office looks great – they did a nice job getting all the bits & pieces off the carpet. We are very pleased with your service.”

“Thank you for getting the rugs shampooed last week-end, with
only a half day’s notice. Outstanding.

L.S. and B.D. - Plant Manager
The Kissner Group. Cambridge
October 1, 2014
What sets a great organization apart from its peers is its Customer Service and response to client issues. The principles of Clean-Up! not only understands this but have perfected this value for a competitive edge.
The Kissner Group have been well served and well looked after with a professional team of cleaners and an outstanding team of management.
We pride ourselves on our image and position as a quality supplier in our industry and are pleased to be supported by Clean-Up! to maintain our image.

B.D. - Operations Manager
Waterloo Regional International Airport. Breslau
August 8, 2014
He doesn’t stay for one moment, but on the move all the time.
He’s really good and been doing a great job!

He is a very pleasant person.

The floors in the Terminal are looking really good. Thanks!

C.R. and G.D. - Supervisors
C.M. - CBSA Officer
HPR Canada Ltd. Kitchener
June 8, 2014
I spoke with your staff member and she was very pleasant and

C.G. - Director of Clinical Services
ClosetMaid Canada. Cambridge
May 5, 2014
We are pleased with the general result. Thank you!

A.C. - MRO Buyer
ClosetMaid Canada. Cambridge
April 4, 2014
We are pleased with the general result ……. Thank you!

A.C. - MRO Buyer
KidsAbility Centre for Child Development. Cambridge
March 5, 2014
Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the
services Clean-Up! provides … they do a good and thorough job.

Congratulations! I am proud of you, keep up the good work!

Clean-Up! does an excellent job, no complaints. Keep up!

Thank you for coming to get the pass keys on Friday night. I appreciate this very much. Best Regards.

Your staff is extremely friendly, and you can really see they are here to do the job. you folks are amazing!

Thank you guys! You are doing a great/fantastic job. Really appreciate your entire good work.

Thanks for all your hard work – everything is going very well and your team is doing an amazing job.

Only wonderful comments from our staff. They all feel you are doing a wonderful job.

I just wanted to pass on comments concerning the company
Clean-Up!, who is now contracted to do our offices. They have been amazing! Not only do they do a thorough job but they bend over backwards to make sure we are satisfied with their work. Their PR is wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Just wanted to say that the floors and carpets are beautifully clean now, as are the steps in the back stairwell!

The staff are very pleased with your services, thank you.

M.E.M., Y.C., B.W., S.T. and J.S. - Supervisors/Managers/Directors
Waterloo Regional History Museum. Kitchener
October 10, 2013
Cleaning is fantastic!

K.S. - Supervisor
Pano Cap Canada Ltd. Kitchener
September 4, 2013
Congratulations on your award ….. you must be very pleased with your employees and accomplishment. I spoke with some of our lady employees about the cleaning. They all want the young girl back who first started to clean here, smiled and talked to them with respect. I believe they were talking about you.

I.F. - Buyer
Winroc (A Division of Superior Plus LP). Cambridge
July 14, 2013
Everything looked great this morning; our new Manager was
pleasantly surprised with how clean it is. Thanks.

The place looks great! Job well done!

S.P. - Office Manager
PWO Canada Inc. Kitchener
March 3, 2012
WOW what a difference, floors look good, employees are very
impressed, very good job. Excellent! They looked so good, talked so professional and had uniforms on. I like that, it makes a good impression when they walk around. Thanks.

B.B. - Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
Ogilvie Daugherty Financial Services. Kitchener
February 4, 2011
Thanks so much, we are extremely pleased with services performed and to be doing business with you, Nadia and all of your team. I am sure it was quite a chore trying to get rid of the drywall dust.

B.H. - Office Manager

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